Choosing Your Desired Showpiece Pool Design

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  • 10 Nov, 2017

Sundollar Pools provide great value to your property and years of enjoyment for the entire family.

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Have you ever laid back on a sunny Gold Coast day, got involved in a bit of daydreaming and thought I wonder what it would be like to live on a tropical island? To Wake up in the morning to the tunes of some tropical birds making that noise you hear in Movies, stretching out the arms and then diving into the warm water of a lagoon that’s right at the front door of your hut.
Or maybe your dream involves a lush rainforest hideaway, awesome greenery, strange and exotic creatures roaming around, the humidity of the day can be broken by taking a quick stroll down a rocky slope and diving into a cool and clear river then laying back and relaxing on the bank.
The Tropics or Rain Forest not your type of dream place? Well maybe your thoughts go back to Ancient Rome and the bathhouses that were used by the rich and famous, deep and exotic pools with water flowing from statues on the sides of the pool, bubbling natural spas to cure the muscle aches of the last chariot race.

Ahh, the stuff dreams are made of, but when it comes to  designing a pool  for the back of your house on the Gold Coast or even South Brisbane, these dreams can be the foundation of what  Sundollar Pools Builder  can design for you. We have designed, maintained and installed Pools for customers that have that tropical island Feel, a Rain forest theme and we have even arranged those statues that water flows into a pool with an adjoining spa.

Imagination is what pool design is all about, so keep those daydreams you might have fresh in your mind and give Sundollar Pools a call and let us make them a reality.
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Have you ever laid back on a sunny Gold Coast day, got involved in a bit of daydreaming and thought I wonder what it would be like to live on a tropical island? To Wake up in the morning to the tunes of some tropical birds making that noise you hear in Movies, stretching out the arms and then diving into the warm water of a lagoon that’s right at the front door of your hut.
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Since 2001,  Sundollar Pools Builder  has been installing  swimming pools and spas   on the Gold Coast, South Brisbane and Tweed Heads in Northern NSW. We pride ourselves in being a locally owned and operated family business, we offer free quotes for all jobs, along with competitive prices, working from the initial design stage right through to construction and start-up procedures, and we have designed and built many  sensational pools .

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It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon on the Gold Coast, you’re on the lounge chair looking over the balcony, maybe watching the kids run around, it’s super-hot and you doing a bit of daydreaming.

Maybe you’re thinking about a holiday, yep a time to relax would be good maybe go to some International resort, lay around the pool all day, eat at fancy restaurants yes that would be fun. Or maybe you could buy yourself a fancy new SUV, pack all the gear in the back and head off to the best beach, run through the sand and then dive into the surf, yes maybe that would be an awesome day or two of relaxation.

The Gold Coast Sunshine is really starting to warm so you break from your daydreaming and look around and what do you see? A Lot of Green Grass?

Then all of a sudden, all those thoughts of how to relax come flooding back and you have a true “Ah Ha” Moment, you don’t need to fly across the world to swim at a luxury resort, no need to battle the traffic to get to the beach, you can have permanent relaxing right where you are standing, you can install a Pool!

Ok, I’m not sure if do daydreaming about resorts, new SUV’s and the beach but you may have looked at the backyard and thought a Pool, would be nice a few times and that’s where  Sundollar Pools  can help.

We are a team of  professional pool builders on the Gold Coast , South Brisbane, Tweed Heads and Redland Bay and we can turn that backyard into a dream pool let us help you make it happen. The  team at Sundollar Pools

can design and install the pool and even maintain it for you. Great idea and no need to wait in line at airports or clean the sand out of the SUV.

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It's weekend in Gold Coast, you are outdoor, sitting on a lounge chair and feeling the summer breeze, sipping ice-cold drinks sitting on a table beside you and you got your sunglasses on. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Because I am obviously thinking that very same thing too.. We can add a clean and relaxing  pool in Gold Coast . And there, a perfect weekend after a whole tiring week in the office!

But after this perfect weekend, all of us definitely have to work and some have other personal errands to run. We are not capable of looking after our pools, whether is it still clean, no dry leaves floating, where all the tiles still intact and is the water still safe and clear, correct? We cannot always struggle for maintaining and cleaning the whole pool by ourselves. Yes,  swimming pool maintenance  is a tough job that a busy office person like you will not be able to attend to most of the time. The last resort you have is you'll have to ask someone to do the maintenance of your pool, the checking, the cleaning and the likes.

The team of Sundollar Pools in Gold Coast can do the maintaining of your pool. We aim to make life easier and more convenient for you. We are pool maintenance specialists from Gold Coast that are experts in ensuring a safe and relaxing swimming experience for you. From the pool construction up to the maintenance, we can be of great help.
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If you were to be Interviewed as you laid by the Pool on a wonderful Gold Coast day, sipping on whatever Ice-Cold Drink you desired and you were asked “What do you enjoy the most about your swimming pool”, there’s no way you would say: “I love maintaining it.”

Yes, Cleaning the Pool is not so bad with machines that you just set in motion and they crawl up and down, leaves can be taken care of with not too much fuss, but when the tiles get difficult and the leaves get a little too much to handle, we can help.  But what about  Pool Maintenance ? Once you get past testing the water it can get a lot more difficult and maintain your  swimming pool  might be best left to the experts.

Do you really need to pay a professional, can you do all this yourself? The truth is, you are not only paying for the service of professionals. You are also paying for their expertise. Cleaning and maintaining a pool takes more than just the know-how. It is important to have the experience and training to solve unexpected issues with the swimming pool.

We are experts at   Sundollar Pools , we provide reliable swimming pool maintenance and servicing, and can ensure that your swimming pool always looks its best. Our expert team can regularly inspect and clean your pool, keep tiles free from mold and the water free from debris, as well as carrying out any essential repairs.

So, for your Pool Builder Maintenance and Cleaning on the Gold Coast, South Brisbane, Redland Bay or Tweed Heads in NSW, Sundollar Pools can help you and you can enjoy the Pool and the Ice-Cold Drinks and Fun.
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So, you’re thinking of getting a  swimming pool  in your backyard and no doubt you have a lot of questions especially about finding the right pool designer and  swimming pool builder . So, you will do what almost everybody does, “Search Google” for the answers. The questions you might have? What experience do they have, have they been in business a long time, do they have a great record of  pool projects  they can provide, do they have the people and the equipment to do that project, what about insurance and guarantees, can they maintain the pool after they build it.

All great questions and more than likely you have a lot more, the answers are super important as let’s face it your about to invest a lot of money, but what’s also important is when you look out the window at the result? You must be happy with what you see and when you invite all your friends around for a BBQ and a swim, you want a pool that not only looks great but is safe and reliable.

So, if you have found Sundollar Pools from your Google Search, what would be our answers to some of those questions? Well, for over 10 years, Sundollar Pools has been in the  swimming pool construction  business on the Redland Bay, South Brisbane, Gold Coast and throughout Tweed Heads, Northern New South Wales. Working with customers from the initial design stage, our expert team will be with you every step of the way to ensure that you get the pool you want. We have a range of top-quality designs you can choose from, or we can tailor a design specifically for your needs, always working within your budget. At a time, convenient to you, we’ll commence  pool construction , and before you know it, you and your friends will be swimming in your very own pool or relaxing in your luxurious new spa.

We look forward to meeting you soon.

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