Pebblecrete pools are a great pool choice for customers on the Gold Coast, South Brisbane, Redland Bay or Tweed Heads in NSW as it is the perfect solution if you want a highly durable and cost-effective pool. These swimming pools are lined with a bonded mixture of fine pebbles and cement, which is applied to the swimming pool interior, giving it a hardwearing and aesthetically pleasing finish.

At Sundollar Pools, we provide the pebblecrete option at a competitive price, and it can be installed in new swimming pools or added to existing pools for a stylish renovation.
If you’re interested in pebblecrete pools, Sundollar Pools can provide quality pebblecrete in a range of coloured pebble blends, creating the exact look you want for your pool. We also advise on colour choice as the shade will be influenced by your surrounding landscape and pool surrounds, where you live, and the time of day.

Pebble interiors are a popular choice for many due to its longevity, and our expert team can install it quickly and efficiently. Pebblecrete is an affordable option that will instantly refresh tired-looking pools or add style to a new pool. Get in touch today with our expert team today for a free quote and find out how you can revive your old pool with pebblecrete.


Choosing the colour of your tiles is key, as the colour of the pool water will take on the same hue. You can select tiles that blend into the landscape or stand out bright and bold. While the fully tiled pool option incurs the most expense, the overall result will be a stunning tiled pool with instant impact.

You can also choose to simply tile the floor of the swimming pool or perhaps a couple of the sides like feature walls – the options are endless, and the choice is yours. At Sundollar Pools, our experienced experts can provide advice on maintenance and upkeep to ensure your pool is always running at its peak performance.
Tiled pools have many benefits: 
  • Interiors are smooth underfoot
  • They provide a rich colour
  • Easy to maintain and keep clean
If you want a traditional tiled pool interior, Sundollar Pools can provide richly coloured tiles in the colour of your choice, and at an affordable price. With more than 20 years’ experience in the swimming pool industry, we’ve installed a wide range of tiled pools, and our team work efficiently and effectively to get the job done.

Depending on your style preference and budget, you can choose from a fully tiled or partly tiled pool.


At Sundollar Pools, we use only the best materials to construct all our swimming pools, creating pools that will last long into the future. Having installed a wide range of styles and sizes over the years, we can handle any project and are happy to offer our expert help and advice to our customers.

Working with you from the start, we’ll visit your premises to assess the site and offer a free quote for the work – whether it’s for creating a brand new pool or renovating an existing one. We’ll then follow your design ideas, offering recommendations where necessary to ensure the best outcome.
When it comes to swimming pools on the Gold Coast, Sundollar Pools will always have the solution you need for a well-designed pool that looks great. We specialise in the design and installation of customised pools, so no matter what you want, our expert team will ensure that you get it. From creating pools in a variety of shapes, including rectangular, hexagonal, round and more, to lining the interiors with pebblecrete or quartzon, we can deliver on all fronts.

With Sundollar Pools on the job, you can rest assured that your customised pool will be created without any stress and that you’ll always get it at the best price.


As specialists in swimming pool manufacturing and installation, at Sundollar Pools, we also create stunning water features. Working with customers on the Gold Coast, South Brisbane, Redland Bay or Tweed Heads in NSW, we can add extra elements to your existing pool or incorporate these into a new design for a truly stylish look.

At Sundollar Pools, we’re committed to providing our customers with a personalised service that always delivers the best results. So, if you want something a little extra special, then just get in touch with our friendly team, and we can discuss your options.
Whether you want waterfalls tumbling into your pool for an exotic look, or would prefer a luxurious spa bubbling over into the main pool, Sundollar Pools can do all this and more. We can create everything from elaborate central water features such as fountains, to more modest water features like underwater jets and bubblers.

Water features can transform your swimming pool into a calming oasis or an exciting landscape for the kids to play in. Whatever you’re interested in, at Sundollar Pools, we have an unbeatable range of options and can offer help and advice if you’re not sure what would work best.

With free quotes as standard and quality workmanship guaranteed, just get in touch with our friendly staff to find out more.

Quality Custom Pools on the Gold Coast

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