Tile and glass panelled pools are a fantastic choice if you want a swimming pool that exudes elegance. Tiled and glass-panelled pools are also easy to keep clean and create a stunning look that will complement any property.

At Sundollar Pools, we can create custom pools that suit your exact design preferences, such as the fully tiled (glass mosaic) swimming pool featured below. Fitted with a tiled spill-over that goes into the spa, this pool has a glass panel at the front and comes with convenient step entry and a standard Blue Niche light.

At Sundollar Pools, we offer a variety of pool services to customers on the Gold Coast, South Brisbane, Redland Bay or Tweed Heads in NSW. Our trusted pool maintenance and servicing options come with a free quote and affordable prices guaranteed.


At Sundollar Pools, we provide a trusted pool renovation service on the Gold Coast, South Brisbane, Redland Bay or Tweed Heads in NSW. We can restore and revive your existing pool in no time. Whether you want a geometric pool with ‘Roman’ step entry, like the one featured below, or would prefer a round pebblecrete pool, we can create the look and style you want.

The pool in our gallery below incorporates a fully tiled pool with a separate spa area, and also boasts a fully tiled negative edge, giving the illusion that water is flowing over into the canal below.


A geometric pool is a great choice if you want a pool with a little extra character. At Sundollar Pools, our experienced team can install a fantastic geometric pool at your convenience for an affordable price.

One of the geometric pools featured in our gallery below has been created in white with a blue fleck pebblecrete interior. It also has a tile band, tiled step edge for pool entry, a tiled water feature in the centre, and is finished in Himalayan sandstone coping. Two LED lights have also been installed at each end of the pool adding a classy touch to the overall design.


Pebblecrete swimming pools are durable and incredibly cost-effective. The pebblecrete interior is made of a mix of fine pebbles and cement and offers a variety of colours to choose from.

At Sundollar Pools, we can install quality pebblecrete pools that will last for years to come, such as the pool below, which was installed on the canal side of a house. Created with a Baja Blue pebblecrete interior, this stunning pool is finished with a tile band and step edge, along with a tiled swim lane. It also features a textured sandstone coping around the pool surround.


Perfect for properties with less space or for those who simply want to relax rather than swim, plunge pools are a great choice for any home.

Sundollar Pools can design and install quality plunge pools that look fantastic, such as the one in our gallery below, which is approximately 3.5m X 4 m. This plunge pool has been created in white pebble with a blue fleck pebblecrete interior and comes with a tile band, tile step edge and a light. At Sundollar Pools, we can design a custom plunge pool that suits your exact requirements.


If you like doing laps and use your pool for exercise, then our quality lap pools at Sundollar Pools are ideal. Perfect for larger properties, lap pools can be used for everything from swim training to family pool parties. We can design a lap pool in the style of your choice, incorporating features such as LED lighting, feature walls and more.

The pool in our gallery below shows a durable pebblecrete interior, with step edge tile and tile band around the inside edge of the pool.


Fully tiled pools can be created in any size or shape and are easier to keep clean. Although they do cost more than partially tiled or pebblecrete pools, the stylish look is hard to pass by. At Sundollar Pools, we can tile any pool – whether it’s a renovation project or installing a brand new swimming pool.

In our gallery below, we have a pool that’s 25m in length with fully tiled swim lanes. So whatever you need, just give our professional team a call, and we can discuss your requirements and organise a free quote.


Sundollar Pools has been installing lifestyle pools for over a decade, working with homeowners and resorts alike. These resort-style pools can be made to suit your individual preferences and are a stunning addition to any property.

Below we have an example of a beautiful lifestyle pool with Himalayan sandstone coping and blue glass pebblecrete, which was installed at a retirement village on the Gold Coast. It also has a wheelchair ramp with handrail, and is perfect for swimming, wading and any resort sports activity.


Sundollar Pools specialises in the design and installation of custom swimming pools on the Gold Coast, and can create the pool you’ve always wanted in the materials and colours of your choice. We can design and install everything from plunge pools and lifestyle pools to lap pools and more, with water features and LED lighting as optional extras. Our friendly and professional team of specialists can create a custom swimming pool of any shape or size, and with our competitive prices you’ll be enjoying your own custom swimming pool in no time. If you want custom swimming pools on the Gold Coast, Sundollar Pools is the perfect choice every time.
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